Mini monsters

It’s the beginning of October, and Halloween is almost here! What could be more fun than dressing up your little ones and having an extreme abundance of sugar to keep you wired for days? As a parent, that may sound far less than appealing. Here in our beautiful PNW, there are other fun Fall activities that are kid friendly, but also won’t drive you moms and dads ‘batty’.

1. Finch Arboretum: Perfect for a day at the park to let those little ones roam free. Even better for Autumn family photos!

2. Riverfront park: The big red wagon! Always a classic Spokane attraction.

3. Leaf hunt: Take your child on a walk and see who can collect the most colorful and interesting leaves! Create a fall collage and hang in your window for some creative decor.

4. Turkey bowl: For those a little older, take out the ol’ pigskin, divide your family into teams and go for the goal!

5. Pinterest: On days the wind is too chilly, look on Pinterest for some fun DIY crafts and activities. Make funny Halloween masks, or some spooky decorations.

These are only a few of our favorite family activities, how will your family spend this beautiful season?



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