A “Fresh” start

Spring cleaning, when we get to go through neglected closets and pull out items with faint memories. They go to charities, are given to family to carry on traditions, or simply thrown away. But why wait until this particular season to refresh your home? Let’s get started today:

New bedding: Simply overlooked, a fantastic new set can change the whole outlook in your room, which is your sanctuary and a place of peace. If you want to go farther, get some new pillows for that sad couch in the living area! Go with rich Autumn colors, (a personal favorite are reds and gold) all very festive and relaxing!

Your closet: Build some new space and declutter to make room for new winter cozies. Jackets can take up a ton of space…check out our Pinterest page to learn how to maximize your area.

Outside maintenance: As you prepare for the colder months ahead, you can find amazing window cleaners that are easy and homemade! We have posted on our social media sites some fantastic recipes. Make them sparkle.

Home “love” in general: Make sure you get great matts for outside your doors. Mud WILL be tracked in your home…no matter how hard you try to avoid it. There are fun options everywhere for those a little more appearance sensitive. AND GET A SWIFFER! Easy to use, and trust me, you will use it a ton. And to top off your graceful change from your summer sanctuary to a winter haven, add the warmth of a good candle!

These are just a few tidbits on making your home comfy cozy. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we would love to hear your tips!

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Twitter: @VPIHS


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