Pig skin withdrawal

Well fellow football fans it’s that time of year again. When the helmets are put down, your lucky sweatpants are stowed away, and talk of highlight reels are just a faint whisper in the wind. Take time during this 7 month football hiatus and help yourself recuperate from the aftermath of the last 5 months:

Take a walk: Remember those? Those leisurely strolls through what is called “nature,” when you can breath in the mythical “fresh air?”

Read a book: You know, the handheld, binded object that takes your mind away from draft picks and who’s being fined for what.

Play with your kids: The small people you occasionally saw as they ran by your TV during ESPN Sportscenter.

Talk about anything but Football and (sorry Seahawks fans) Super Bowl XLIX: Wait…there’s a world beyond the big green?!

There you have it folks, a few little recommendations to introduce you back into the real world until our favorite time of year. Take it or leave it, because let’s be honest “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”


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