Our culture is the epitome of a technological phenomena. Everywhere we go things are automated, and we rely on electronics for almost every aspect of our daily lives. Though there are pros to cons, relying so heavy on electronics weakens social skills. For example, back in the day, we were never “bored” with all the wonderful things our world had to offer. We were creative, and had imagination without game systems and television. Here is a fun exercise for children if they ever utter the annoying phrase, “I’m bored:”

B: Books! Go read and extend your knowledge!

O: Outside play. Go find some mud and sticks, or build a fort!

R: Run. Sports are amazing for team building and social skills.

E: Earn. Go get a summer job or help out with chores.

D: Decide. Being bored is a negative frame of mind. Make the decision to be happy! Call a friend, do art, write a story…the world has much to offer.

Make this Spring vacation and Summer the best one yet kids!


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