May the 4th be with you…

Out of all the classic franchises, I have to say Star Wars is a renound favorite. With a little bit of everything for everyone, George Lucas won us over from the gurgle-call of Chewbacca right down to the always famous “Luke I am your Father.” (Sorry Lukes everywhere, just get used to it.) Let’s travel back in time, to a galaxy far far away, and check out these interesting “Did you knows:”

  1. The movie only opened in 50 theaters. (ONLY 50?! Absurd!)
  2. Before the movie opened, there was a huge problem with theft at the production offices. (Goodbye little R2-D2s and miniature light sabers.)
  3. Tattooine was a desert, because the thought of months in a rainforest made Lucas’ skin itch. (We wouldn’t have Tattooine any other way George!)

Credit: Time magazine


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