What a weekend!

Wow! How about this heat wave. With record breaking temperatures, this past week has gone down in the books. Good job and congratulations to those who endured the CDA Ironman course and beat the heat. The men and women who persevered are certainly ones to be admired. A special pat on the back to Andy Potts who won it all…AGAIN! We also want to give a shout out to our sponsored participant, Kjell Ironhamburger. He’s a pretty awesome guy! 

If you were in downtown Spokane and were a part of our famed Hoopfest this year, memories were sure to be made! Perhaps being the hottest year to date, player or spectator, we hoped you stay hydrated. It is always fun to see the interesting names, and all around good sport. Well done everyone.

Next weekend is the 4th, and time to celebrate our country’s freedom. We hit a milestone with marriage equality this week, so this year will be extra special. How will you celebrate? Lake days and parades, we hope you enjoy this time with family. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


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