Don’t light the match

We have all seen the news lately, and read the horror stories. Fires are no joke, and this year they’re taking our land by storm. Man-made and just by nature, fires are something that shouldn’t be messed with. Why, just this weekend during a camping excursion, lightening hit in Pend Oreille county causing a strike up, and was luckily contained quick enough to avoid another fiasco like Bayview. So, obviously, fire bans are in tact.

This unfortunately is also the time of year to enjoy yourself out in the wilderness, and become one with our beautiful nature. So what happens when you can’t have fires? They are a source of entertainment and a staple for camping stories. Let me share some examples of late night activities now that you are unable to light it up:

  • Riddles! Have everyone find and bring a difficult riddle, and if everyone’s tent is in earshot, this can provide entertainment for hours on end figuring out the answer, FUN!
  • Puzzles…tradition! By lantern of course! Don’t lose any pieces…
  • Scary stories by flashlight.
  • Stargazing…one of our favs, bring a constellation book so you know what you’re looking at.



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