Spokane Inside Out

Ah the cinema. Enough buttery popcorn and MSG soaked entrees to fill your heart’s desires…and arteries. Movie nights are, by far, a favorite pastime for many. One of the most recent box office toppers is the Pixar flick: Inside Out.

Inside out is the epitome of emotion. Adorable and hilarious, it is family fun for everyone. No spoil alerts intended, it’s fun to see what the emotion characters of the film would look like in your own personal life. Would they be bookworms? Surfer Bros? Theatre fanatics? The conversations in my family bring awesome to new heights, as we imagine the theme to each person’s “emotional world.” So let’s have some fun shall we, let’s “emotional-ize” (yes…new word) the most wonderful soup bowl of characters in the world…Spokane! (Okay…maybe not in the world…but our city is pretty great, right?)

Joy: Spokane’s Riverfront Park would be this emoticon. Always abuzz with family and activity, who wouldn’t be happy 24/7?!

Anger: Potholes…nuff’ said.

Fear: Black Friday at the Valley Mall…you may die, but at least you got a great deal on that TV.

Disgust: Duck bombs…feeding the lil duckies downtown is so fun and great, until they give you a gift on your shirt to take home…

Sadness: Seriously, why so many potholes?!

Go see Inside Out! Take your kiddos, bring a friend, and get ready to have a laugh! 



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