I ain’t “lion”

In recent news, I came across an interesting story of the people in Milwaukee in a craze over the sighting of what seems to be an “escaped lion.” Now, for those of us in the PNW, we can clearly see that yes, it is a cougar, mountain lion, puma, what have you…and yes, it is in fact dangerous to have these lurking around our neighborhoods. But these poor saps are convinced it’s an actual lion, Safari style, that is wandering around….WHAT?! Okay, first things first, it’s time for our personal “what-to-do” lists for events such as these. You know, if zombies ever took over, a giant flood…but especially escaped convict lions:

1. Calling all selfie-sticks. Keep one of these bad boys handy, and in the event of an escaped lion convict…grab by shoulder, take epic selfie.

2. Invite him/her in for an MGM flick, the infamous lion in the beginning credits? They are probably cousins.

3. Go out for a girls day, that mane can get awful hot and bothersome.

4. Stop by your local gift shop, he/she might need to send postcards of their adventure back to cell-mates. 

5. When in doubt, grab ahold and ride em’ cowboy. Not every escaped convict lion will be friendly, so don’t miss out on this fantastic photo-op.

Happy hunting, share your epic selfies here! 


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