The Parent’s hallelujah

I spoke with a soon to be freshman in high school, and asked her how her summer had been. I got a mere “good,” and was told how exciting it was for her though to start a new adventure at a new school. It’s so funny now a’ days to think back at what was important compared to now, how much passions have changed, and what your world revolves around. In kinder-years, show and tell was all the rage…then who got the coolest lunch boxes, to who had the most friends. Up until who got into what college, did the realization of a world bigger than your own ever come into play. The utter of “back to school” leaves parents in joy, and for most students, groans in peril. At least, it seems, that’s what the stereotype is. And so begin another year, another time for new friends and new memories. Tell your children to enjoy their summers, because as adults we know our responsibilities don’t stop as soon as school is out. Change this relentless stereotype and just enjoy being in the now. Have fun with them too, and change their response from “good”…to GREAT! 

What are some activities you have done with your family this summer?


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