Fair Food

Tomorrow is the first day of the Spokane Fair! Such an exciting, sentimental time of the year. Do you take your family? We love rounding everyone up and going to see everything the Fair has to offer. This year we are also setting up a booth, come by and learn about our truly local VPI Quality windows! We will also have sweet treats, and more offers you are sure to enjoy. What are some of your favorites to see and do? When going to the Fair, fried food is a must, and so are the racing pigs! Here are a few other must-sees:

  • Caricatures: One of the best souvenirs!
  • Giant Button: Make a funny face, and wear it on a giant button ALL week long 😉
  • Prized 4-H animals: A favorite for the kiddos…the animal barns are endless!
  • Concert series: Check out the Spokane Fair and Expo homepage for who’s playing and when.
  • Rodeo: Yeehaw! A traditional favorite.

What do you and your family like to do best?



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