Windows: Energy savers

Windows are the eyes to your home. They provide beautiful views of the world outside, and when opened let in nostalgic scents and a breath of fresh air. That being said, once closed, in more older home drafts still occur. This can cost hundreds in energy waste, letting out the warmth and racking up your bill. It isn’t your job to warm Frosty, so why do you put up with it? Cost? Well you’re in luck, because part of being truly local means that we here at VPI Home Solutions love to treat our community to giveaways and the best prices. Now, savings vary by climate, but we guarantee new windows will not only add to resale and curb appeal, they add to a happy and healthier home. Your well-being comes first. Give your home a new view today! 

‘Christmas in November’ sweepstakes: $15,000 in our brand new VPI Quality Windows and entry doors. Free entry, deadline: November 25th. #XmasNov15 #trulylocal


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