No more “I’m bored!”

While Autumn is a renound season favorite, one thing for certain is that it also calls for creative indoor play! With the cold weather rolling in, there is only so much time we as parents want to spend outside. Sure, there are those days full of jumping in the leaves, and when the weather permits, sledding and snowball fights. But we all know when those formidable rainy days show their gloomy faces…we need a backup plan. Older than 12 kiddos usually have their own agendas with TV and whatnot, but what about your younger non-smartphone babes? Here is the list of activities for you, to keep you sane. So grab a hot cup of jo and prepare for the week ahead with these tried and true ideas:

-A fan favorite…COLORING BOOKS! Go to your local dollar store and stock up on your favorites. Get waterpaints as well!

-Colorful Bathtime: What better way to get messy than right there in the tub? What a magical time waster, bath art is, and then just rinse them off after they’ve had a bout with tubby-time paints.

-Blanket Forts: Make yourself a traditional fort, and take them away to a magical fairyland! Encourage imagination!

-Lava Games: Lay out pillows, sheets, anything you can stand on and race to a predecided destination. Don’t touch the lava…first one there wins!

-Sensory Play: Cooked spaghetti, beans, playdoh, the works!

-Tag: Loud, yet works every time. Ware them out and enjoy quiet time while they sleep. (Just don’t break anything!)

-Reading: Remember that awesome fort you just built?  Grab a few favorite stories and get comfy.

These are just a few fun ideas, what does your family enjoy on rainy days?


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