In honor of the upcoming Hallmark holiday, here are 8 of the weirdest facts we could muster up about one of our all time favorite subjects: Love. 

  1. It only takes up to 4 minutes to decide whether or not you like someone! Just think, you could fall in love with someone during small talk about the weather…who knew?
  2. Cuddling releases Oxytocin, a natural painkiller. Got a headache? Stomachache?  Go fall in love…that’ll be 20$ copay please.
  3. Couples who are too similar, are doomed. They aren’t likely to last, we appreciate differences and thrive to learn from each other. I like cheesecake, OOO ME TOO! I like sailing, OOO ME TOO! I like turtles, OOO ME TOOOOO! Sorry, this just isn’t working out.
  4. The Apple has historically been the symbol of love. No flowers this year please, a basket of Honeycrisp will do.
  5. Broken Heart Sydrome…A REAL THING! Deep emotional stress causes real physical pain to one’s heart region.
  6. Love, quite literally, makes you crazy. The emotion releases the same Serotonin levels found in one suffering from the Anxiety disorder, OCD. Thanks Cupid.
  7. There is actually a formula for the perfect Love: Attatchment + Caring + Intamacy = Perfect Love
  8. Humans aren’t the only ones in the animal kingdom to choose “The One” for life! Swans, Wolves, and many others bunker down with their one true love as well. How sweet!

There you have it #Spokane #TriCities & #CDAId! How many of these weird facts have you heard before, and what else can you add? Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!



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