For those of us with furry friends, it is vital to keep them healthy which in turn keeps our households and ourselves more healthy as well. Spring is notorious for allergens and dirt being swept through the air, so why add your pet’s hair to the mix? Spring Cleaning can also include Fido as well, so here are some quick tips to prep your pup for this incoming warm season:

Freshen that fur! Thorough grooming not only allows your pet to lighten the load, a professional groomer can rid excessive dander and fur to keep it out of your home and make your pup more comfortable.

Protect against pests! During a yearly well-check, ask your vet about the best and healthiest options for pest control. Keep those bugs off your animals, and OUT of your home! ICK!

Adjust food portions. Again, consult your veterinarian. With added excercise and outdoor play, your pup may need more sustenance!

Spring clean your dog’s bedding, house, etc. Give them a fresh start to the season as well! Not to mention, bye bye stinky dog beds!

Happy National Dog Day! Give those furry pals extra love today, and show them how much they mean to us. Also, make a donation to your local animal shelter too! So not one dog feels left out.



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