Rain Saver, Money Saver

Rainy days. The type that you put on your best puddle-jumping boots and enjoy the smell of fresh earth! My favorite kind, and that’s why I am featuring one of my favorite “green” DIY projects that will not only save you money, but help our environment as well.

All about the Rain Barrel. Rain barrels are an easy DIY that can range from 50-80 gallons, and you can dress them up to match your landscaping too! The opportunities are endless! Not only do they provide free irrigation for your plants and gardens, they also reduce harmful runoff that would otherwise settle back into our streams due to the lack of harmful additives (shout out hooray for healthier plants!) Now on to the good statistics: 1/2 inch of rain can fill a 50-55 gallon barrel, and 40% of your water bill in the Summer goes to watering your beautiful gardens and lawns. Put those two together and imagine how much you will save on your bill! By just putting together a simple project, you can save up all of that extra cash to use it on more important things in life (Cabo anyone?) This DIY should definitely be added to your to-do list, and share pictures when you’re done! Have a great week everyone, and enjoy this rainy day!


#ANuView16 #trulylocal

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own rain saver:



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