Cleaning up #EarthDay

I took the opportunity to go and join a movement in Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. The event is a weeklong cleanup, to better our area and make our parks shiny and new. After speaking with the Clean Team, here are some amazing reasons about why (other than saving our Earth!) their focus is to raise awareness.

“Our city belongs to everyone” Spoken with such truth! Originally started as “Cleaning from the Core,” the Spokane Clean Team has broadened their horizons and are encouraging EVERYONE to participate. What a sweet deal! Side note: Cleaning from the Core can be found shinying up along Sprague, go lend a hand!

“Easily accessible, with a new focus each day.” Every day this week, teams of volunteers will be given a certain area to put their green thumbs to work. With that in mind, every detail will be  cleaned with such care and focus. So simple, yet it makes such a huge difference!

It is clear to see that the Clean Team of Spokane is passionate about our community. A huge thank you to all involved, and we encourage you to take 15 minutes (at least) and go be productive in your neighborhood as well! #ANuView16 #trulylocal


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