Team #VPIRacing


This weekend we were delighted to see two of our own VPIHS Racing Team have a strong finish during the 2016 Ironman Canada, in Whistler, BC! We are so excited to see our team go on to have many successful Triathlon finishes.

Our area is perfect for Triathlon! Have you ever participated in, or spectated a race? Here is why we love the sport:

  • Meeting new people! New friends, the people of Triathlon are a tight knit family. They look out for each other and cheer each other on.
  • Expanding your comfort zone! If you think you can’t…you won’t. But you never know how much you can achieve if you never try.
  • Variety! Three sports into one, perfect the art of expanding your horizons and becoming an all around athlete!
  • Push your boundaries! Success…Success…Success! Visualize the bragging rights you will get to have after completing your first triathlon, and then onto an Ironman!

We believe in you. Get out there and not only increase your health, meet new friends and enjoy the ride! #trulylocal #VPIRacing


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