One more thing…


BACK…TO…SCHOOL! We have actually seen a trend in kids actually looking forward to going back to school, what a relief! Let’s send them back to their education in a memorable way with this bucket list to finish out the summer:

  • Riverfront Park! Making Spokane famous, take one last gondola ride over the Falls or take a walk in the park with ice cream cones in hand. Underneath the pavilion lie multiple carnival rides, we have heard that they may be leaving soon, so don’t miss out on your chance for one last ride!
  • Take that camping trip that you’ve been talking about all summer. Just pack up and go, who cares about all of the necessities! Focus on the experience and enjoy the memories.
  • Silverwood! We are so lucky to have an award winning amusement park right in our backyard. Spend all day walking/running around relentlessly, become exhausted from too many rides, and eat way too much cotton candy. Savor these times with your kiddos. Also, you MUST see the magic show, no exceptions.
  • Take out those old fashioned slip n’slides, squirt guns, water balloons, and that $10 plastic kiddie pool because you are going to kick it old school with the best homemade water park! Pick teams, divide the water guns, and have fun sabotaging each other while beating the summer heat.
  • Shop til you drop. Because it’s tradition (and new pencils are one of those things that secretly bring everyone to their happy place.)
  • Centennial Trail: dust off your bikes, WEAR HELMETS, and enjoy the summer breeze.
  • Try out a lemonade stand, and make one of your own! Donate all of your proceeds to a charity of your children’s choice. Teach them about philanthropy and kindness towards others.
  • Speaking of donating time to others, GET INVOLVED! Check out your local non profits and enjoy helping out your community.

This is your Summer Bucket List with VPI Home Solutions! Share pictures of your adventures, and tell us which of these you have already checked off your list! Have a great new year returning students, and to parents as well. #trulylocal


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