Cold weather is coming, are your windows ready?


Home exterior is serious. We absolutely love our siding, entry doors, and windows that are custom fit for life. We make your houses into homes, and trust us, great windows really do make a difference! So the real question is, do you need new windows?

Old windows present many hidden costs that homeowners may not think about, and a lot of new homeowners don’t realize how much of a difference to their energy bill their windows actually have. New windows have the technology to keep the heat out during the warmer seasons, as well as keep your home insulated in the colder months. Save money on your energy bill with one investment that will truly make a difference!

Do your windows frost? While winter crystals may seem beautiful with the change of seasons, they aren’t so beautiful if you knew that frost in your windows means your panes are structurally compromised. Already fragile with the temperature changes, old single pane windows can shatter, giving you more trouble than you want to handle. Check out our series of vinyl windows made to fight the elements here:

Signs of wear and tear are a thing of the past, update your home into a personal paradise! With VPIHS free estimates, we can help you dream of the perfect exterior for your home. Our prices are locked in for a full year, so take advantage of new windows before the snow falls! #trulylocal


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