“Knock Knock”Hello new entry way!


With every change of the seasons, I plead guilty to being overzealous in the entry decor department. To be honest, life is too short to skimp out on wreath options and fake pumpkins (or adorable scarecrows) so add a wood board inspirational sign and relish in your Pinterest inspired entry way. Underneath all of my seasonal galore, though, I pride myself on the real beauty that’s underneath. A truly energy efficient entry door that not only looks fantastic, but actually keeps out the elements. Not only is it important to upkeep your home’s curb appeal, but it is even more vital that you maintain it’s energy efficiency and keep our Planet happy. That’s why  Provia entry doors are the only way to go! Here is why you need your VPIHS estimate for a new door today:

  • Free estimate and endless KNOWLEDGE! Take advantage of our experts and learn why Provia doors are the perfect choice for your home…for free! Ask all of the questions your heart desires, and let us help you discover your home’s endless possibilities. FOR FREE!
  • Provia doors “meet the highest standards for beauty, durability, security and energy efficiency, available in custom sizes and finishes.” Everyone has an image of what their dream home looks like. Let us help you make that a reality!
  • Energy efficiency: Provia doors are Energy Star approved. Check out Provia’s thermal performance calculator and find out how stellar the energy performance is for yourself, awesome!
    • Thermal Performance Calculator: https://www.provia.com/thermal-performance-calculator
  • Savings, savings, SAVINGS! The added durability and security that Provia entry door provides leads to a long term savings on your utilities bill, and you can’t put a cost on the added safety for your family.

Here at VPI Home Solutions, your family and home matter. Our home improvements are custom fit for life, and we are currently offering you the chance to win a gift package including Provia entry doors that is worth up to $15,000! This offer ends November 23rd, so don’t miss out on your chance and enter today: vpihomesolutions.com

P.S. Comment below with your favorite Fall entryway decor ideas!

#trulylocal #XmasNov16


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