A spooky good time!


Take it or leave it, this upcoming weekend is going to be celebrated by many and we sure look forward to it! Halloween is here for all of you goblins and ghouls, so grab your cauldrons and broomsticks because we look forward to seeing the plethora of costumes! While we enjoy the festivities of traditional costume contests and stuffing yourself with sugar, looking back to Halloween’s eery beginnings of how it came to be is quite interesting. Here are my top 10 favorite facts about this beloved and spooky holiday:


  1. The first Jack’O Lanterns were actually made of turnips! How many of you have carved something other than a pumpkin for Halloween? (Share your picture in the comments below!)
  2. Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas. Not surprising, there is so much that goes into costumes…and all that candy!!!
  3. Samhainophobia: the fear of Halloween.images-1
  4. Trick or Treating came from a celtic tradition of putting out treats during the festival “Samhain” to placate spirits that wandered the streets.
  5. Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween.
  6. During the earliest Halloween celebrations, you wore animal heads and skins…EEK!
  7. 50% of kids prefer receiving just Chocolate for their treats…I’m with you kids!
  8. The largest pumpkin ever weighed was by Norm Craven and it was a whopping 836 lbs! That’s a lot of pies!
  9. Halloween is short for Hallows Evening, the latter sounding even more spooky!
  10. Halloween is actually one of the oldest celebrations in the world, though our version of the holiday, Trick or Treating, didn’t come to North America until 1927.

Remember to be extra safe this weekend, and always travel in groups. Have a great time everyone, and Happy Halloween!

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