Snowshoe fun

It seems like half the people I know have taken up snowshoeing, and although I’ve never tried it, I do know there are some great places around Spokane to enjoy the activity.

Mt. Spokane is a favorite of many, due to the miles of trails and easy access. This beautiful area boasts trails that range from beginner (an old service road) to the more challenging trails up to the summit. The snow-crystal enclosed branches of trees along the paths, make a breathtaking background for the occasional selfie, as evidenced by some friends recent Facebook posts.

Liberty Lake Regional Park is another close-to-Spokane option for a snowshoe adventure. As you make the slow trek up, the trees part to open up beautiful views of the lake.

Add in Dishman Hills and Riverside State Park, and you have a season’s worth of weekend snowshoe options, all in our own backyard.

Hmmm, seems like it’s time to find some snowshoes and see what the hype is all about…



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