A day in history

downloadYou all know what today is, it’s National Cappuccino Day! Split my sides…in an all joking manner it is actually in fact, election day. The day we’ve all been waiting for as we’ve endured the months of relentless campaigning. Today we get to show the world who are we are as a country, USA PRIDE! Aside from recent events, looking back on USA election facts is actually quite a read! Below are a few interesting facts (and some silly ones) about the history of our country’s elections:

  1. Barack Obama is our nation’s 44th president but in reality there have only been 43 presidents. Grover Cleveland is counted twice, as our 22nd and 24th president, because he was elected for two nonconsecutive terms.
  2. John Kennedy is the youngest elected U.S. President at 43.
  3. Ronald Reagan is the oldest elected U.S. President at 73. (second term)
  4. The tallest U.S. President was Abraham Lincoln at 6’4″.
  5. The shortest U.S. President was James Madison at 5’4″.
  6. Here’s the saddest of them all, eight presidents have died in office:
    • William Henry Harrison (pneumonia)
    • Zachary Taylor (gastroenteritis)
    • Abraham Lincoln (assassin)
    • James Garfield (assassin)
    • William McKinley (assassin)
    • Warren Harding (heart attack)
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt (cerebral hemorrhage)
    • John F. Kennedy (assassin)
  7. The U.S. Marine band has played at every presidential inauguration since 1801.
  8. President Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe but took his stepfather’s last name when his mother remarried. He formally changed his name to William Jefferson Clinton when he was 15. His wife, Hillary, is currently running to be the first female president in the history of our nation!
  9. Actress Roseanne Barr once attempted to run for president and got as far as filing with the Federal Election Commission under the “Green Tea Party Ticket.”
  10. In 1845, Congress decided that voting day would be the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, which was after the fall harvest and before winter conditions made travel too difficult.
  11. Democrats use a donkey as their mascot thanks to Andrew Jackson. When his critics called him a “jackass” because of his populist views, he embraced the image, even using it alongside his slogan, “Let the people rule.”

How you vote today is noone else’s business…but please do VOTE! Get out there and let your voice be heard. Vote vote VOTE!

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Facts obtained from: http://www.history.com/topics/us-presidents/presidential-election-facts



We are thankful for…

nwh_logoWe are thankful for our wonderful community! Halloween is past, we hope you all had a splendid time eating too much sugar and trick or treating with family and friends. Moving on to November, it’s time for another fabulous month with November’s 30 days to be THANKFUL! Take a moment to reflect on everything wonderful in your life. Today we are thankful for those who give so much in our community, and truly make a difference. We want to shine the spotlight on an amazing organization, Northwest Harvest!

Northwest Harvest is Washington’s statewide hunger relief organization. Their mission is to make nutritious food available with dignity and respect to promote good health. They are working to END HUNGER! Did you know that 1 in 5 children in our state struggle with hunger? Imagine not being able to feed your family, and that is the reality for some in our community. Northwest Harvest can feed a family of three a nutritious meal for only 69 cents! That’s amazing! Let’s all fight hunger, and bring holiday season joy to those around us. For the month of November, VPIHS is proud to sponsor such a wonderful organization! Join us and volunteer or donate at: northwestharvest.org.

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A spooky good time!


Take it or leave it, this upcoming weekend is going to be celebrated by many and we sure look forward to it! Halloween is here for all of you goblins and ghouls, so grab your cauldrons and broomsticks because we look forward to seeing the plethora of costumes! While we enjoy the festivities of traditional costume contests and stuffing yourself with sugar, looking back to Halloween’s eery beginnings of how it came to be is quite interesting. Here are my top 10 favorite facts about this beloved and spooky holiday:


  1. The first Jack’O Lanterns were actually made of turnips! How many of you have carved something other than a pumpkin for Halloween? (Share your picture in the comments below!)
  2. Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas. Not surprising, there is so much that goes into costumes…and all that candy!!!
  3. Samhainophobia: the fear of Halloween.images-1
  4. Trick or Treating came from a celtic tradition of putting out treats during the festival “Samhain” to placate spirits that wandered the streets.
  5. Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween.
  6. During the earliest Halloween celebrations, you wore animal heads and skins…EEK!
  7. 50% of kids prefer receiving just Chocolate for their treats…I’m with you kids!
  8. The largest pumpkin ever weighed was by Norm Craven and it was a whopping 836 lbs! That’s a lot of pies!
  9. Halloween is short for Hallows Evening, the latter sounding even more spooky!
  10. Halloween is actually one of the oldest celebrations in the world, though our version of the holiday, Trick or Treating, didn’t come to North America until 1927.

Remember to be extra safe this weekend, and always travel in groups. Have a great time everyone, and Happy Halloween!

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“Knock Knock”Hello new entry way!


With every change of the seasons, I plead guilty to being overzealous in the entry decor department. To be honest, life is too short to skimp out on wreath options and fake pumpkins (or adorable scarecrows) so add a wood board inspirational sign and relish in your Pinterest inspired entry way. Underneath all of my seasonal galore, though, I pride myself on the real beauty that’s underneath. A truly energy efficient entry door that not only looks fantastic, but actually keeps out the elements. Not only is it important to upkeep your home’s curb appeal, but it is even more vital that you maintain it’s energy efficiency and keep our Planet happy. That’s why  Provia entry doors are the only way to go! Here is why you need your VPIHS estimate for a new door today:

  • Free estimate and endless KNOWLEDGE! Take advantage of our experts and learn why Provia doors are the perfect choice for your home…for free! Ask all of the questions your heart desires, and let us help you discover your home’s endless possibilities. FOR FREE!
  • Provia doors “meet the highest standards for beauty, durability, security and energy efficiency, available in custom sizes and finishes.” Everyone has an image of what their dream home looks like. Let us help you make that a reality!
  • Energy efficiency: Provia doors are Energy Star approved. Check out Provia’s thermal performance calculator and find out how stellar the energy performance is for yourself, awesome!
    • Thermal Performance Calculator: https://www.provia.com/thermal-performance-calculator
  • Savings, savings, SAVINGS! The added durability and security that Provia entry door provides leads to a long term savings on your utilities bill, and you can’t put a cost on the added safety for your family.

Here at VPI Home Solutions, your family and home matter. Our home improvements are custom fit for life, and we are currently offering you the chance to win a gift package including Provia entry doors that is worth up to $15,000! This offer ends November 23rd, so don’t miss out on your chance and enter today: vpihomesolutions.com

P.S. Comment below with your favorite Fall entryway decor ideas!

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You better believe it!


Believe what, you say? You better believe that when we say our windows are energy efficient, that is quite an understatement. VPI Quality Windows is an ENERGYSTAR® partner, they use less energy! Replacing your old windows with ENERGYSTAR certified windows lowers your household energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide. (Can you say fantastic savings?!) Lower energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and shrinks a house’s carbon footprint, so go green and save the planet while saving on your energy bill…it’s a win-win situation! If you still aren’t convinced as to why you need an update for your home, here are some other fun facts for you to peruse over during your afternoon cup of tea:

  • Say goodbye to cold, drafty breezes as well as overheated rooms. Our windows keep your home’s temperature consistently comfortable, where YOU choose to keep it! Uncomfortable stresses due to improper insulation and technology are a thing of the past. Enjoy rainy days by your front window under the most cozy knit blanket, or take in the sunshine with your favorite book on the reading nook in your library.
  • Lifetime Warranty, because quality is meant to last. For as long as you own your home, we are here to help with your windows along the way. “Our dedication to quality gives you the comfort of knowing you will always be happy with your VPI Quality Windows, for as long as you own your home.”-VPI Quality Windows.
  • PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES! Our windows have the technology to act as a sunscreen, allowing your furniture, drapes and other sentimental items to withstand the otherwise daunting UV rays.
  • VPIHS is LOCAL and all of our windows are custom built. Be passionate about adding beauty to your home. Dare to dream, and let us know what you envision for a new view!

Update your home with VPI Home Solutions. Right now VPI has a fantastic sweepstakes that is currently happening! You have the chance to win up to $15,000 in brand new VPI Quality Windows! Add Provia Entry Doors into the gift package as well. With such an amazing offer, we don’t want you to miss out. It is free to enter with the options to go online at: vpihomesolutions.com or come see us at the next available event. Follow us on Facebook at VPI Home Solutions or Twitter @VPIHS to find out where we will be next!

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Providing Hope


The sad reality of cancer is that it doesn’t discriminate. Everyday, about 43 children are diagnosed with cancer, and about 12% of children diagnosed do not survive*. Let’s beat those statistics and provide a better future for our future generations. For the month of October, VPIHS is proud to shine the spotlight on The Rypien Foundation. The Rypien Foundation provides hope for local families battling childhood cancer. Each year they provide funding to support a number of unique programs and projects that address the needs of children with cancer. Join us in the fight against childhood cancer, for more information we invite you to visit: rypienfoundation.org. Consider supporting their mission, and get involved!

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*American Cancer Society Statistics

Christmas in November


In two days, Thursday September 22 to be exact, all of us “Pumpkin Spice experts” and “Holloween-ies” can FINALLY celebrate the fact that it is officially FALL! Sure this is cliche, and most of us have already been celebrating the season by imposing on the last of Summer with overly fluffy scarves and seasonal Starbucks drinks but hey, its our favorite time of year. While you settle into your favorite over-sized sweaters and cozy flannels grab your nearest smart phone or laptop, because we have the perfect giveaway for you.

We can rant and rave about Autumn time and time again, but those of us who are crazy about the changing colors of our PNW foliage are just as hyped about snowmen and jingle bells. It’s a dream come true when you put two and two together, but that is impossible, is it not? Well sit back and get ready for this, because we here at VPI Home Solutions have done just that with our “Christmas in November” sweepstakes! Not only are we putting your two favorites seasons/holidays into one giant giveaway, but this sweepstakes is absolutely FREE! Yes, FREE! With your entry and no purchase obligations, you get the chance to win up to $15,000 in our locally made windows, as well as Provia entry doors (restrictions apply.) What a deal! It is so vital to your home and energy bill that you beat the chill with proper insulation, so windows and doors are the perfect place to start. You can call us at our showroom (stop by and visit us for inspiration) or simply claim your entry online at vpihomesolutions.com. If you are curious as to how far the winnings would get you if you were to win, we also give free estimates. Dream your dream home, and let us help you achieve it starting with new windows…custom fit for life!

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