3 Ways to Save

We have started our 3 Ways to Save promotions. Go to vpihomesolutions.com to sign up for a free estimate to see how you can save.


#ANuView17 Winner!

We have drawn the winner for our A New View Spring Contest 2017! The winner is Kenneth Anthony of Spokane, WA. He won our grand prize of $10,000 dollars in our locally made windows.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Our next contest, Christmas in November, will be in the fall and though it’s months until the next contest, keep an eye out for any specials or mini contests we may have in the meantime. We also offer free estimates that are good for a full year.

Ah, spring! I’m taking the street cleaners that I passed on the freeway yesterday as a sure sign that better weather is near!

I suppose that means it’s time to begin Spring Cleaning: washing windows, packing up the winter clothes, deep cleaning light shades, washing wood trim, uncovering patio furniture, etc…the problem is finding time to do these tasks! Rather than try to carve out a whole day to get it all done, I find I’m more successful when I break it down into shorter time frames. Cleaning a window here and there takes so little time, and the sun shining through a sparkling window makes a tremendous difference in my mood!
If your windows are in need of more than a good cleaning, check out what VPI Home Solutions can do for your home’s appearance. Our locally made, quality vinyl windows can freshen up anyone’s view! We even offer self-cleaning glass as an option, but you’ll still have to clean your own blinds…



Well, Spokane’s first snowfall of the year hit this morning. I have to admit, it’s beautiful when the ground is covered in white, but it makes for a messy commute! I hope everyone stayed safe out there today.

As we enter the holiday season, we at VPI Home Solutions are proud to announce a major sponsorship with AdServeo. Together, with other local community-involved businesses, we are working to make our area a better place. For the next couple of months VPI will donate a portion of the proceeds from every window sold, to benefit the Inland Northwest Honor Flight. We are excited to contribute to sending our local veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

If you feel the winter chill coming through your windows, give us a call today for a free estimate on replacing them, and help send a veteran to DC!


Short and sweet…we only have 5 more days! It is insane how fast time flies when we’re having fun! We are hoping to get in as many entries within that time frame as we can! The excitement is brewing and we will announce our CONTEST on the 19th!!!!!